The inMusic Software Center is the central hub for accessing inMusic downloads.

What Products Get Registered to my inMusic Profile?

When a product is registered to your inMusic profile, the product's downloadable content will be available within the inMusic Software Center. This includes registered software products, as well as software that is included with registered hardware.

Downloads for registered hardware products will be available from the inMusic Software Center's Hardware tab, under the dropdown menu of the respective product.  This will include things like updates, drivers, editors, etc.

Is My Software Activated From the inMusic Software Center?

Newer inMusic software products such as Jura, Flex Beat and Fabric XL are authorized through our proprietary system.  These plugins can be activated using the Activate button in the inMusic Software Center, or by following the prompts after first opening the plugin within your DAW.  See the following article for more information on how to Activate your AIR plugins:

Installing and Activating your AIR Plugins

iLok Redemption

Previously released AIR Music plugins; including Loom II, Xpand!2, Transfuser, etc. were previously authorized via iLok License Manager. 

For plugins that require iLok authorization (MPC 2, Hybrid, Xpand!2, Velvet, etc.), the activation status will not be reflected from the inMusic Software Center. The inMusic Software Center is not linked to iLok. 

Select the "Get iLok Code" link, copy the iLok serial, and redeem the license via iLok License Manager. You will always see "Get iLok Code", even after you've activated your license within iLok.  Use the following article for information on how to redeem and activate your license using iLok:

iLok Universe | Managing your Activations with the iLok License Manager

MPC 2, AIR plugins, SONiVOX plugins, and MixMeister software that are pre-inMusic authorization, will not be included from the inMusic Software Center, as they are not products that are registered to the inMusic Profile.

You would only see your iLok-authorized plugins within the inMusic Software Center in the event that you received your AIR plugins through the purchase of an inMusic hardware product. For iLok authorized software that is included with inMusic hardware, you can download the software from the inMusic Software Center.