Congratulations on your purchase of your ION Audio Total PA Freedom! This video will teach you how to connect various audio sources to your Total PA Freedom and specify some best practices for balancing the volume of each source. After viewing the video, feel free to make use of the additional support resources linked below. 


0:00 Intro

0:08 Set up wireless microphone

0:49 Pair wireless microphone with speaker

1:28 What to do if the wireless microphone becomes disconnected

1:40 Connect wired microphone

2:05 Pair Bluetooth audio source

3:26 Connect aux audio source

4:10 USB port functions

4:26 Charging a USB device with the USB port

4:42 Requirements for playing audio files from a USB drive

5:08 Play & navigate audio files on a USB drive

6:49 Example setup

8:59 Final thoughts & further support

Additional Resources

If you have any questions about your device not answered by this tutorial, please feel free to make use of the following support articles which cover a wide array of functions and features of your Total PA speaker.