The Total PA Freedom is the first of its kind to include a wireless microphone, enabling freedom of movement during performance and reducing the need for additional cables in your performance rig. This guide serves to explain and assist in the necessary configuration of your wireless microphone for a variety of common use cases.


How to Power and Pair the Wireless Microphone

Pairing your Total PA Freedom's microphone is as easy as the press of a button! Please refer to the guidance contained in your user manual copied below, which explains the processes step-by-step.

Please note: In most cases, your Total PA Freedom's microphone will ship pre-paired with your device. However, the following still applies if you ever need to reset this connection.

How to Use the Wireless Microphone with a Multi-Speaker Setup

As is the case with all Total PA speakers, microphone input is not transmittable to a second speaker via Wireless Stereo-Link, which is exclusive to Bluetooth input sources. For a more technical explanation of this limitation, please refer to the guide linked below.

Given this, you must connect your Total PA speakers via XLR cable in order for microphone input to be transmitted to both speakers. An XLR connection also offers superior sound quality and functionality and is the recommended configuration for any live performance setup. Please refer to the guide linked below for step-by-step assistance on the process.

My Total PA Speakers are connected via XLR, but I only hear my wireless mic from one speaker. What can I do?

When using your Total PA Freedom in a multi-speaker XLR setup, please ensure the following configurations have been completed, as they are essential to the normal function of your speaker when connected via XLR.

  • Designate the Total PA Freedom as the primary speaker. For a setup of this nature, the Total PA Freedom to which your wireless microphone is connected must act as the primary speaker, meaning the first in the signal chain. That means that you'll connect from the Total PA Freedom's MIX OUT port to the second speaker's AUX IN/SOURCE port.

  • Set the Wireless Microphone Volume to 20 or more. This is the minimum microphone channel volume setting required to transmit the microphone input from one speaker to the next. See below; Your current volume level will be displayed above the channel strip on the Control Module Display Screen.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Microphone's volume buttons affect the signal?

You may have noticed that the wireless microphone features its own volume buttons, enabling you to control your mic's volume without approaching the speaker itself. However, it's important to remember that these buttons control volume separately from the Total PA's wireless microphone volume knob. As such, if you find that you need to turn the speaker's wireless volume up all the way to get sufficient output, try reducing the volume on the knob, then increasing the volume using the '+' button on the microphone itself. 

Can I connect multiple wireless microphones to one Total PA Freedom?

Yes and no. First and foremost, you cannot connect two ION Wireless Microphones to a single wireless microphone channel on the Total PA Freedom, as this channel supports one concurrent connection. However, you can use a third-party wireless microphone connected to MIC CHANNEL 2, provided that microphone system uses an RF receiver that can connect to the Total PA via XLR or 1/4" cable. 

What is the Maximum Range of the Wireless Microphone?

The absolute maximum range of the wireless microphone is 100', but keep in mind that physical obstacles, signal interference, and other environmental factors will affect this range in most circumstances. If you find your signal is becoming spotty near this range, it is advisable to move closer to the speaker. 

Is the Total PA Freedom Wireless Microphone Bluetooth-Based?

No. The Total PA Freedom's wireless microphone operates over an RF connection directly between the speaker and the microphone. With this in mind, it is important to eliminate physical obstacles between the Total PA and performer during use to maintain consistent connection. 

Can I use a Bluetooth Microphone with my Total PA Freedom?

We do not recommend the use of Bluetooth Microphones with Total PA speakers for two key reasons:

  1. The Bluetooth receivers used by your speakers are expecting a LINE LEVEL audio signal, which is significantly louder than MIC LEVEL signal, which is what a Bluetooth microphone without built-in preamps will transmit. As a result, the balance between the music and the performer will not be correct, and the microphone will not be loud enough to compensate.
  2. Bluetooth at any level introduces latency, which is the delay between the sound source emitting signal and the transmission of the audio from the speaker after it is received. If you were to use a Bluetooth microphone with devices in Stereo-Link, the latency would compound with itself, since you've got the latency from the Microphone to the Speaker, followed by the latency from the Primary Speaker to the Secondary Speaker. This would render synchronization with music impossible.