Congratulations on your purchase of an MPC Key 37! This guide serves to aid in your performance of the crucial day-one setup steps to ensure your Key 37 performs to its fullest potential. We'll discuss and include resources pertaining to the registration process, driver installation, and essential day-one firmware update. 


Register your MPC Key 37

Registration of your MPC Key 37 to your inMusic Profile is the essential first step to get started. Registration to your inMusic Profile gives you access to any software downloads and bundles included with your product.

To begin, open a web browser and navigate to, then click on the account icon. From there, you can create or sign in to your inMusic Profile.

Next, under My Registered Products, select Register New Product and enter your Key 37's serial number, starting after the '(21)' in the serial number field. Then, click Check Serial.

Once you have entered your serial number and clicked Check Serial, an image of your Key 37 will appear, along with the option to Register Your Product. Select that option, then proceed to enter your date/location of purchase in the prompts that follow.

If you have any questions or concerns related to the registration of your product, please refer to the following guide for further step-by-step assistance: How do I register my product? 

Download and Install the inMusic Software Center

After successfully registering your MPC Key 37, you must next install the inMusic Software Center. The inMusic Software Center acts as your central manager for your MPC software, plugins, expansions, and other content registered to your inMusic Profile.

To download the inMusic Software, navigate to your Key 37's registration entry and select View Downloads.

Then, expand the inMusic Software Center entry under software downloads and select the installer appropriate for your computer's operating system.

Once downloaded, double-click the installer file and follow the prompts presented in the installation wizard to complete your installation of the inMusic Software Center.

Logging in and Installing the MPC 2.0 Software & Key 37 Driver

After you've installed the inMusic Software Center, you'll need to log in and obtain your Key 37's driver by performing the Run Setup subroutine.

First, open the inMusic Software Center and sign in to your inMusic Profile. Note that these are the same account credentials you used to register your product. Once you've signed in, click on My Hardware in the categories menu, then locate your MPC Key 37. Once located, click Run Setup.

The Setup process will take you through the steps to download the content related and bundled to your MPC Key 37. You must download the Key 37 Driver and MPC 2.0 software in order to begin using your Key 37 in controller mode.

1) Connecting your MPC

First, power on and connect your MPC Key 37 to your computer. Then, hit next.

2) Download MPC 2 and the MPC Key 37 Driver

It is essential that both the software and driver have been installed for your Key 37 to function in controller modeClick Download under both entries. Once completed, the entries will show "downloaded." Then, click next.

Additional Content

MPC 2 and the Key 37 Driver are the only mandatory downloads required to use your Key 37 in controller mode, but you are welcome to download your Key 37's included sound packs. This is performed the same manner as the software and driver. After that, if you are a new Key 37 user, you will be prompted to claim your free included plugin voucher. For assistance in claiming your voucher, please refer to the following step-by-step guide:

MPC One + and MPC Key 37 | Obtaining Your Free Plugin : Akai Professional

Day-one Firmware Update

Now that your registration, account, and software are set up, all that remains is the installation of the MPC Key 37's essential day-one firmware update. This update is necessary to provide best stability and performance during use. The following linked step-by-step tutorial can guide you through the entire process. 

Please note: We strongly recommend the day-one update be performed while connected via USB to your computer via the firmware updater application. You can click on this link to jump to the timestamp where this method is covered. You can also view a written guide on the topic here.