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Guide Contents

  1. Which Plugins are included?
  2. Where do I download the Synth Content?
  3. How to install Synth Content in standalone?
  4. How to install Synth Content in MPC Software?
  5. Further Technical Support.


Which Plugins are included?

  • Hype – Akai's versatile, multi-engine instrument.
  • Solina – Emulates the classic ARP Solina string synthesizer.
  • Mellotron – The renowned sounds of the 1960s Mellotron electro-mechanical instrument.
  • WayOutWare Odyssey – A faithful reproduction of the analog classic.


Where do I download the Synth Content?

  1. Navigate to Akaipro.com and click on Account at the top right.

  2. Enter your login credentials and click Sign In.


  4. Find your MPC model in the available list and click on SEE DETAILS, DOWNLOADS, AND OFFERS.

  5. The window will expand to reveal your included software. Scroll down to the Firmware Downloads section and click on MPC 2.10 Firmware Update.

  6. Click on and download MPC 2.10 Synth Content.

Note: If you are on a Windows computer, make sure to extract after downloading the zip file.


How to install Synth Content in Standalone?

1. After extracting the file, click on the MPC Synth Content folder.


2. Copy the Synths directory into the top level folder of a SD card or USB drive.


3. Insert the drive into your device.  

Note: For maximum convenience, we recommend you install a SATA drive in the drive bay of your standalone MPC or Force and then copy the Synths folder onto this drive. MPC One does not have a SATA drive bay; for MPC One we recommend you install the folder onto an SD card.


How to install Synth Content in MPC Software?

Download and run the MPC 2.10 Synth Content installer on your Windows or macOS computer. This will automatically import and unlock these synthesizers in your MPC 2.10.

Note: You will need to install the MPC 2 Software separately.