While many Headrush users are used to signal paths for rigs and their ability to craft interesting tone possibilities, with the Headrush Prime we have introduced 3 new paths to take advantage of the new inputs and possibilities that the unit is capable of. In this guide, we'll be talking about the new paths and what you can use them for.


Dual Straight Path for Guitar

With this option, two guitars can simultaneously be connected to the Prime and each guitar will be able to access 7 FX blocks. The bottom row will use the guitar input, and the top row will use the combination input normally for mics. This is very handy for an instrumental duet situation, allowing two guitars to be played into the Prime at once, or additionally the opportunity for a user to have a rig that can accommodate electric and acoustic or bass guitars. 

In addition, each path gets its own signal path, allowing you to fine-tune the mix straight from your touch screen. When using an Acoustic Guitar, make sure to check your Gate Threshold on the input for that signal path, as each side of the path will have its own. Please note that the Hardware Assign menu becomes crucial in this mode to set where your switches are and which expression pedal goes to what effect is vital for using it.

Straight Path Vocals

A simple path for making vocal-only rigs. Please note that in this mode, the Dry Mic toggle is not available from the Rig screen, and will need to be set to an output in your Global settings. Please see our Dry Mic setup guide for more information on this. 

Also, if your microphone is coming in very softly or not at all, check to see if your microphone is a condenser and needs phantom power, This can be turned on/off in the global settings.

Dual Straight Path for Guitar and Vocals

Much the same as the Dual Straight Path for Guitars, this path allows for each path to have 7 FX. Each input will have its own Gate Threshold, allowing you to cut any unwanted noise floor out of your microphone despite having a high gain signal on your guitar. 

When using this signal path, we suggest adjusting your Mic output to send separately to a front-of-house mixer and kept separate from the Guitar output. In addition, while the dry mic toggle is unavailable on this path, it is available just like in your vocal rigs.

Rig compatibility with the new signal paths

When using any of the new signal paths, a new rule applies that is a slight change from how the Pedalboard, Gigboard and MX5 handled signal paths- when pulling up rigs within that signal path, you will only have access to rigs that are mapped to that signal path. 

For example, when using a guitar and vocals signal path, you will only have access to guitar and vocal rigs. Rigs made on a split rig or a straight path guitar rig will not map to a dual path rig and vice-versa. Please note this when attempting to switch rigs, as you will need to change your signal path before you pull up a rig in that path.