Important: All new MPK mini Plus users should check their firmware version and update to the v1.13 firmware if needed. Please watch the video or follow the guide below for a full demonstration. 


Do I Need to Perform a Firmware Update? Check Your Current Firmware

Before you run the update, follow these steps to see what firmware is currently installed on your MPK mini Plus:

  1. Grab your MPK mini Plus, but leave it disconnected from your computer and powered off.

  2. Take the USB cable for your MPK mini Plus and connect it to your computer, but do not connect the MPK mini Plus yet - we'll do this in the next step.

  3. Press and hold the SHIFT and PROG SELECT buttons on the MPK mini Plus. While holding these buttons, connect the other end of your USB cable to the MPK mini Plus. The MPK mini Plus should power on and the current firmware version will be shown on the display. 

If the firmware shown on your display is lower than "v1.13", you will need to perform the firmware update for your MPK mini Plus.

Note: If your hardware serial number is (21)A12210************  or later, your MPK Mini Plus will already include the latest firmware build (v1.13), and a firmware update is not required. 

Updating the Firmware

  1. Go to and click Account in the top-right corner.

  2. Create a new account, OR login to your account if you already have one.

  3. Once logged in, click Register New Product. Follow the steps and enter all requested information, including the serial number on the bottom of the MPK mini Plus. The serial number will be found on a barcode sticker and will begin with a (21). You do not need to type the (21) while registering the MPK mini Plus.

  4. Once registered, go to Your Product Registrations and locate the MPK Mini Plus. Click View Downloads.

  5. Under the Firmware section, locate and select the Recommended: MPK Mini Plus Firmware v1.13 option. Use the MPK mini Plus Updater v1.13 download links to download the version that corresponds to your computer operating system (macOS or Windows)

  6. Once downloaded, run the updater:
    • For macOS users, simply double-click the installer to open the installer application. 
    • For Windows users, be sure to unzip or Extract the .zip file before running the application inside. Once extracted, double-click the "MPK Mini Plus_Updater_v1.13" application to open it.

  7. With the updater open, follow the instructions on the screen to connect your MPK mini Plus.

    As described above, you will need to hold the SHIFT and PROG SELECT buttons while connecting the USB cable to your MPK mini Plus. Continue holding the buttons until the USB cable is completely connected to the MPK mini and your computer, and the MPK mini Plus powers on.

  8. Click Connect and you will see the updater application update to show that it recognizes the connected MPK mini Plus.

  9. When you're ready, click Update to start the update. The display on your MPK mini Plus should read "Upgrade - Processing." This should only take a minute.

  10. Once completed, a new window will appear to confirm that the update is complete. You can now close the updater application.

Congratulations! Your MPK mini Plus is now up to date.


If your MPK mini Plus is not recognized by the updater application, here are a few suggestions to help you troubleshoot:

  • Restart the updater and try to connect the MPK mini Plus again. We recommend connecting the USB cable to your computer first, and then connecting the other end to your MPK mini Plus while holding the SHIFT and PROG SELECT buttons. Be sure to continue holding these buttons until the MPK mini Plus powers on and you see the firmware version on the display.

  • For Windows users, make sure you have extracted the application from the zipped folder before running it. Files and applications that are removed or run from a zipped folder without unzipping it, can be damaged and may not run properly.

  • Connect the MPK mini Plus directly to your computer. Avoid using USB hubs or adapters if possible. While most hubs and adapters are fine to use (and even necessary in some cases), it's important to eliminate as many connection points as possible to guarantee communication with the updater is direct and efficient.

  • Close all Audio and MIDI software while running the update. The updater may not be able to locate your MPK mini Plus if another application is connected, or trying to connect to it.

  • Disconnect other USB-MIDI devices from the computer. Rarely, other USB-MIDI devices could interrupt communication between the MPK mini Plus and the updater. It's best to just disconnect these if possible.

My computer is preventing the firmware updater from running. What do I do?

If your Windows computer is preventing the firmware updater from running as an "unrecognized app", you can click More info and then Run away to bypass this error.